Bay One Customs Chevy Cameo Concept Custom Truck Debuts at SEMA 2013

It’s no doubt SEMA 2013 was the biggest automotive trade show in the world to date. We look forward to the show each year, but unfortunately the task of going through all of the pictures, video, and content we capture at the event each year is time consuming. This year our most anticipated show vehicles was one we’ve been covering the build on for the past year. It’s TC Penick and Bay One Customs’ 1958 Chevy Cameo Concept Custom Truck. This thing has some of the most deliciously edible Candy paint job we’ve ever seen and the custom work and small OTT details are mind blowing. It’s one of those vehicles that every time you view it something new catches your eye. We were lucky enough to have TC Penick’s good friend, TV Host, Kevin Tetz do an interview about the truck with him. In the video TC shows Kevin all of the crazy details that make this truck stand out among ANY other truck there at the show. We’re proud that Bay One Customs chose Eastwood paints and chemicals for the truck from bare metal all the way to clear coat! Don’t take my word for it, check the video out and prepare to have your mind blown!

For the full build story check out the Bay One Customs Blog


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