Basic EFI Electronic Fuel Injection Wiring Tips

Wiring a car from scratch or adding a new wiring harness section to your vehicle may be a scary task and confuses many people. Luckily simple add-on EFI kits from brands like Holley and FiTech make it really easy to upgrade your classic car to electronic fuel injection. Below are a few of the basic tips you need to follow for a successful wiring job.

  1. Properly connect Wires- As a rule of thumb twisting wires together is a big no-no and should be avoided as the only method of connecting wiring. We suggest either soldering wires or using quality crimp connectors when attaching wiring together.
  2. Quality Connections Make or Break- To further add to the above tip you should make sure you are connecting wires securely with a quality crimp connector using dedicated crimpers. Avoid using piggyback connectors or T connectors where the wiring isn’t securely connected.
  3. Shrink Wrap/Seal Connections- Always make sure that your connections are sealed from moisture and weather. Not only will a proper shrink wrapping help seal a connection it will also help keep the connection secure.

Hopefully these three tips help you with your next EFI wiring project. To see our entire line of EFI kits and parts visit our site HERE.

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