Barrett Jackson 2015- Most Expensive Cars Sold at Auction

Barrett Jackson has for many years now been the place to sell your high profile vehicle. Each year cars, trucks, and motorcycles come out of the woodwork that blow our minds on their rarity AND the price they bring! We decided to list the top ten highest priced vehicles sold at this years Scottsdale auction. Sit back, relax, and let us know which you would have liked to have the most!

10. 2014 Chevy COPO Camaro – $700,000


Chevy only made 69 of these stripped down, souped up NHRA-ready modern muscle cars. Originally these cost around $900,000 new, so this at $700,000 actually may have suffered the dreaded new-car value loss like your new sub-compact would! Either way this is a lot of money for the regular Joe and was one of a number of cars auctioned off for charity. The sound of these cars are a beautiful thing and we managed to score a spy video of one leaving SEMA a few years back HERE.

9. 1991 Ferrari F40 By Gas Monkey Garage- $742,500


Normally in the automotive world people shy away from owning a car that was wrecked and fixed, but when it comes to a car that is as highly publicized as this car.. that rule is thrown out the window. The characters from Gas Monkey Garage bought this wrecked F40 and did their best to make it better than new when rebuilding it from the chassis up. Like they always say, all it takes is two bidders and an item at auction can skyrocket. This car passed its reserve and ended at $742,500. Was it because it was a TV car, or because the average selling price of an F40 is over 1 Million.. we’ll let you decide, but congrats to the new owner!

8. 1968 Chevy Corvette L88- $880,000


Talk about a time warp! This low mileage, low production number, blue on blue Corvette Convertible L88 is one of 80 ever produced and was owned by the same family since new until the early 2000’s. The car came well documented with the original license plates, paperwork, sales slip,etc. This car was a real creampuff and the price shows it!

7. 2008 Bugatti Veyron- $1.375 million


I know we normally focus on vintage iron when it comes to cars, but we can’t deny the beauty of a super car! This Bugatti Veyron was once owned by American Idol (and others) Host Simon Cowell. We doubt anyone is that big of a Simon fan to pay over 1 mil. for a car he owned. We do think that someone really wanted to own a super car that had 4X4 on-demand, a 7 speed gearbox, and close to 1,000 horsepower! We’re jealous and we demand a ride from the new owner!

6. 1929 Duesenberg SJ LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton- $1.43 million


What makes one Duesenberg more desirable than others? It’s the history behind the car, the condition, and how many cowls it has. This dual cowl Phaeton is a very rare SJ model with an interesting history surrounding a factory replacement engine with a supercharger. This car has been back in the states since the 1960’s but only recently has it been properly restored back to like-new condition. These cars have some incredible coachwork and it’s no doubt they’re worth every penny of 1 million and up!

5. 1963 Shelby Cooper Monaco King Cobra- $1.65 Million


The Shelby name always means something will bring more money, especially when it comes to a car as decorated in the racing world. This 1963 Shelby Cooper Monaco King Cobra was bought and raced by Carroll Shelby and his race team. This car was raced in a number of high profile races including the CAN-AM and it still wears a good majority of its original Ford and Shelby parts all dated to match! This car has been restored and looks amazing sitting still as well as at speed at any vintage sports race event. This car makes our heart flutter!

4. 1998 Ferrari F300- $1.87 Million


The scream of a F1 car is something every motorhead should hear once in person during their life! This car was the model that pretty much was the start for Ferrari’s dominance in F1 racing and allowed Michael Schumacher to gain a room full of F1 trophies. This particular car was driven by Schumacher himself 38 times and was the third car of its kind off the Ferrari production floor. To top it all off, this particular car was restored by Ferrari themselves with no expense spare. We hope the new owner at the least takes it out once during their ownership for a rip!

3. 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing- $2.09 Million

Before Gullwing doors were a fashion faux pas on cars, Mercedes lit the world on fire with their 300SL Gullwing Door sports car. These cars were beautifully built and really have some amazing German Craftsmanship. It’s no wonder perfectly restored versions go for big money and the values continue to rise! This particular car beat last years Clark Gable owned ’55 300SL proving the market is still hot for these works of art.

2. 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Rebel Race Car- $2.86 Million


The South Will Rise Again!!! This rebel flag styled Corvette L88 was raced in a number of American Endurance races and is a very rare car. Our imagination wanders and pictures Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane grabbing this Vette to finally catch those good ol’ boys in their Dodge Charger! But alas we know a big-time Corvette or Motorsports collector probably slapped down over 2 million on this vintage race car.

1. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88- $3.85 Million


We’d have to say this years Barrett Jackson was the year of the Corvette L88’s with 3 topping the list of the highest priced cars at the auction. This particular model is one of only 20 of these cars built and is the ONLY one with red on red interior in existence. This car is a time-warp and would be a pinnacle piece of any Corvette collection! We’d probably pick 2 Michael Shumacher F1 Ferraris ourselves at the price of this Vette… you know one for church on Sundays and one for a daily driver…

***Photos Courtesy of Barrett Jackson Auctions

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