Barn Finds a thing of the past?

With all of the new housing developments being built, as well as new strict housing and property regulations being put into place by many communities, it is getting harder and harder to find old cars tucked away in old barns and garages. As I have mentioned in the past, I am a huge fan of old cars found after man years forgotten, and brought back to life. In fact, I have brought a number of vintage watercooled VW’s back in just this manner. It really makes someone appreciate a car more if they hear the stories of how you found the vehicle, and the manner in which you brought it back. Luckily with today’s technology, and research, here at Eastwood, we have come up with countless products to help you restore, modify, and keep those classic cars rolling for many years to come!

But just when I thought all of the barn finds had been uncovered, I stumbled across this article posted on Old Cars Weekly where there was a large collection of very rare vintage cars found in a barn in Maryland. Some of these models I hadn’t even heard of before! The most amazing part is how complete and unmolested most of these cars were. It isn’t uncommon to see a car as old as some of these, chopped up and “hotrodded” at some point in their life. It seems like some of these cars would be ideal candidates for Pebble Beach after a proper restoration!

I’ll leave the full story to the guys over at Old Cars Weekly, and just share a few of my favorite pictures from this amazing find!
1934 Packard Junior eight

1937 Packard Coupe Convertible

1931 Renault


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