Badass Workbench That Maximizes Space!

It’s hard to find a workbench that can save you space and handle abuse from a real working shop. We’ve been looking for a badass workbench that is something that would hold up like a vintage fabricated bench but not take a year to restore. That is where the company BadAss Workbenches came in! They offer workbenches that are heavy duty and have storage space built into them. Read more about our favorites below!

  1. BADASS Workbench 2BAYKL – Organize your tools neatly with the BADASS Workbench 2BAY 6ft Long Workbench. It features multiple drawers of varying dimensions to accommodate tools and accessories of different sizes. Its plate steel top provides a reliable working surface to perform any task.
  2. BADASS WORKBENCH 3BAYSD – The BADASS Workbench 3BAYSD 8ft long bench is robustly built to handle tough tasks. It features a spacious bottom shelf with durable mesh decking and powder coated drawers for storing tools and accessories. The steel plate top is perfect for carrying out various tasks.
  3. The BADASS Workbench 3BAY – The BADASS Workbench 3BAY 8ft Long bench is an all-in-one solution for your workshop. It has a sturdy plate steel top as a robust working space and powder coated drawers for storing tools and accessories. This workbench comes with leg levelers to keep the working surface even.

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