Atomic AirForce Intake Boosts LT1 Power

Simple modifications are the best and swapping an intake on a Chevy LT1 engine can make a world of difference when you choose a proven winner like the MSD Atomic AirForce Intake! Read below what makes this intake heads above the rest.

  1. Intake Runner Design- The unique bell-mouthed intake runners on the Atomic AirForce intake gobble up fresh air and force it into the engine to allow you to add more fuel and make more power.
  2. Huge Throttle Bore- The huge 103mm throttle body bore allows for the use of the largest throttle bodies on the market. The larger the throttle bore the more fresh air you can get into the engine at once.
  3. Resists Heat Soak- The unique Polymer material the intake is made of resists heat and most importantly stops heat soak on hot days or when the engine is very hot. This polymer intake is also lighter weight than a steel or aluminum intake which helps lighten your vehicles unsprung weight.
  4. Grows with Your Needs- The intake has been designed to allow use of stock or aftermarket fuel rails that allow you to grow with your appetite for power grows.

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