Are you the Ultimate Ford Fan? Test your Knowledge Here!

It’s a time honored tradition to show off your love for a car manufacturer with the knowledge in the brand you have when bench racing with your friends in the garage or at a show. We decided to put together a little survey for you to test your knowledge. Share with your friends and see how many they get correct! Answers are at the bottom of the page.


  1. True or False? The “Ford Oval” was the original logo design for Ford Motor Co.?
  2. What was the Model name of the first production vehicle by Ford?
  3. Which Ford design studio came up with the original Ford Mustang that went into production?
  4. What is the most sold Ford model of all time?
  5. Where did Henry Ford work before starting Ford Motor Co.?
  6. What Ford model did the Mustang II use as a base for its production?
  7. What’s the Most Rare Ford Torino ever made?
  8. What year was the Ford Century of Progress International Exposition at the Worlds Fair?
  9. What was the name of the Shelby Cobra that Carroll Shelby designed specifically for himself?
  10. Which Ford Sports Car was Released on Ford Motor Co.’s 100th Anniversary?




How did you do? Make sure you share this quiz with your friends and post what your score was! A true master Ford Enthusiast will get a 80% and higher!






























  1. False- Ford used a logo that used calligaraphy from the business car of the first Ford Designer and Henry Ford’s friend Childe Harold Wills.


2. Ford’s First Production vehicle was the “Model A” made 1903-1904.

Image result


3. Lincoln-Mercury design studio beat out the Ford and Advanced Design studios for the final design of the first generation Ford Mustang.

Image result for first ford mustang ever sold

4. The Ford F-Series truck, specifically the Ford F-150 is the most sold Ford of all time.

5. Henry Ford worked at Edison Illuminating Company before opening his own automobile manufacturing business.

6. The Ford Pinto.

7.  the 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra. There was only 3 produced before Ford abandoned the project due to changes in NASCAR rules.

8. The Century of Progress exhibit was held at the 1934 Worlds Fair.

 9. The 1965 Super Snake Cobra was designed to be Carroll Shelby’s personal car. As expected it was completely ridiculous in the power to weight ratio department!

10. The Ford GT was released in 2003 during the Ford 100th year anniversary.


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