t’s a time honored tradition to show off your love for a car manufacturer with the knowledge in the brand you have when bench racing with your friends in the garage or at a show. We decided to put together a little survey for you to test your knowledge. Share with your friends and see how many they get correct! Answers are at the bottom of the page.

  1. What Year Did Chevrolet Take the crown from Ford as the “Best-Selling Car in the United States”?
  2. What Year was Chevrolet Founded?
  3. True of False? The original logo for Chevrolet included the famous “bowtie”
  4. What is the model name of the Chevy’s World’s Best Selling Hybrid in 2012?
  5. What was the original name for the Chevrolet Camaro before it’s launch?
  6. What Chevy Model first got the “Super Sport” or “SS” package added on?
  7. What was the most expensive Classic Chevy Ever Sold?
  8. What year was the first Corvette sold?
  9. What does the C and K designate in Chevy Trucks?
  10. What is the largest cubic inch Chevy Engine sold to date?




How did you do? Make sure you share this quiz with your friends and post what your score was! A true master Chevy Enthusiast will get an 80% and higher!









  1. After only 10 years of setting their sites on Ford, Chevrolet took over the title from Ford in 1929 gaining momentum as Ford shut down production to tool up for the Ford Model A.
  2. Chevrolet Motor Company was found in 1911.
  3. False: The first Chevrolet logo was a Stylized Cursive logo with no bowtie.
  4. The Chevy Volt or Ampera in Europe was the worlds best selling Hybrid car in 2012.
  5. Originally the Chevy Camaro was known as the “Panther” before Chevy picked a name that matched the “C” named model like others of that time.
  6. The 1961 Impala was the first to receive the famous SS emblem on its body.
  7. The 1 of 1  Red 1967 L88 Corvette sold for 3.8 Million including premium at auction.
  8. Corvettes were first available to the public in late 1953.
  9. The “C” stood for 2WD and the “K” stood for 4WD in Chevy and GMC Trucks
  10. The 9.4L Chevy Crate engine is the big boy in Chevrolet engines offered and puts fear in the eyes of other big block engines on the market.

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