Are Flexible Sanding Blocks Helpful?

Flexible and Adjustable Sanding Blocks are Helpful For Pros and Hobbyists

Sanding blocks are something that a lot of people forget about when they’re doing body work on their project vehicle. Using your hand as the sand block can cause “holes” to be dug in body filler or primer and using the incorrect shaped block on a panel can also change the shape of a panel or even soften body lines. That is why you need to treat your sanding block like you would a body hammer and dolly; fit the tool/block to the panel shape.

Dura-Block Sanding Block

This is why we can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good set of sanding blocks in a numerous sizes and shapes. This will help you match the sanding block to the body panel you’re working on. If you’re just looking to get set up with the most common sanding blocks we suggest investing in a Dura-Block Sanding Block Kit. This will get you all of the most common semi-rigid blocks you’ll need for common jobs.

But what if you have an odd shape or you can’t flex the Dura-Blocks to the shape you need? Then you may need an adjustable or ultra flexible sanding block. These blocks are definitely more specialized but they will help you get every inch of the vehicle laser straight. One of our favorites is the Malco Comfort Sander. These sanders use a flat sliding base pad the the sanding paper attaches and a segmented backbone that allows you to conform the block to a panel by hand and easily hold it into the shape of the area you’re sanding. We love the sliding base as it keeps the sandpaper from bunching during sanding like some other standard semi-flexible blocks.

If you’re doing light sanding like wet-sanding primer or color sanding a paint job you may want a sanding block that is flexible but isn’t heavy for extreme cutting. That is where our inexpensive, standard flexible sanders work well. They have two sides with different densities for cutting and ultra fine sanding. These come in a pack of 3 and are highly flexible.

To see all of our sanding blocks you can see them HERE.

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