Are COB LED Work Lights Better?

What is a COB LED?

COB LED lights are a buzzword you see all over the market and they tend to be the brightest lights you can buy; but what are they? COB stands for “Chips on Board” in which small LED light chips are packaged tightly together on a circuit board and can produce 10 times the light output for the size of the light compared to traditional work lights. These small LED chips on COB work lights tend to use less power and are ideal for battery powered or rechargeable work lights which are popular.

What Makes COB Lights Better?

COB LED Lights have become the best form of high intensity lighting but WHY are they better? Because the small LED chips are packed together tightly they work together to create one large, intense beam of light. But because they are many small lights together they allow for greater efficiency and even work with much less heat than a traditional work light. If you know anything about lighting the biggest thing that can cause light failure and inefficiency is heat that is created over a long period of time when lights are left on. Because the small LED chips have some space between them they are able to disperse the heat generated by the powered-up lights and allows for greater durability to your work light.

Will COB LED Lights Last?

We’ve found that our COB Led work lights like our Extra Large COB LED Flood Light that can be dropped, left on for long periods of time, and be turned off and on thousands of times with no issues or failure. We’ve found COB LED lights are the most natural fit for a portable work light in a garage or work setting due to the way they’re assembled they won’t break or shatter like a traditional light bulb. We have a full range or LED work lights from small to large that you can find HERE.

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