An Accurate Slide Hammer For Delicate Jobs

The Eastwood locking plier slide hammer is a game changer when it comes to working on small or delicate jobs that need you to pull on something without damaging it like a large slide hammer might do. There are a lot of small jobs where a small puller would have come in handy. Things like pulling a cotter pin, an engine or transmission oil seal or a small bushing are some of those tricky jobs where you need to pull on something but you couldn’t get a good grip.

Unfortunately large slide hammers are a bit clunky and hard to make delicate or pinpointed pulls and can cause more hassle than anything on these smaller jobs. Small jobs like minor autobody damage repair can be done where you only need to move the metal a small amount or pull it enough to get fasteners to line back up. The locking plier slide hammer is nice because it has directional serrated teeth that ensure a strong grip without sliding during pulls.

The locking plier slide hammer allows you the ability to quickly detach the pliers which eliminates some frustration as you attempt to attach them to the part being pulled. Whether you’re a mechanic or working in a collision shop you will find many uses for a locking plier slide hammer that you can add to your arsenal of tools. Find all our Hand Tools HERE.

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