Amazing 110v plasma cutter!!

Eastwood Versa Cut 20 Plasma Cutter

Getting into plasma cutting never got easier.  The Eastwood Versa cut 20 cuts like a hot knife through butter without any confusing settings or dials.  Best of all you don’t need a huge compressor or 220v power.  This unit simply plugs into any 110 volt outlet with a 20 amp breaker.

Now let’s dive into the important specs.  I’ve already covered one of the power sources, but I didn’t tell  you yet that due to the fact that this is an inverter machine you can also run it off of a generator.  To run at full power you’ll simply need a generator capable of at least 2400 watts.  This way you can take full advantage of the cutting power this unit has to offer.  The other piece of the puzzle to make this cutting action will be a compressor.  The Versa cut 20 only consumes 3 CFM @ 30 PSI.  As long as the compressor you’re using can put out at least this much or more you’ll be good to go.  I run my Versa cut 20 off of the Eastwood 30 Gallon compressor perfectly.  All these specs lead up to the most important one of all.  How thick of a metal can you cut with the Versa Cut 20?  This little power house will slice through up to 1/8 inch thick metals and down to thin sheet metal.

You may be asking yourself where this little wonder fits into the shop.  From trimming out sheet metal to even fabricating brackets this plasma cutter has you covered.   Another popular use is in metal art work.  A lot of these sculptures are constructed of thinner sheet metal.   Why drag around a larger unnecessary unit if all you plan on cutting is thinner metals.    You certainly can’t go wrong with the Eastwood Versa Cut 20 as either your first or only plasma cutter.


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