Your Inlet Filter Could Be Dragging Your Air Compressor Down

An air compressor takes in air and compresses it to give you pneumatic power for your air tools and you want it to work at its optimal performance. There are a few things that can decrease your performance on your compressor and some are simply maintenance items that many people overlook. Just like you want your air compressor to provide clean compressed air at all time your compressor needs to take in as clean of air as possible.

If your air compressor shares your work space it is going to be exposed to the dirt and dust that a working garage or shop generally creates. If you want your compressor to live a long and healthy life it MUST have an air filtration system. Most compressors come equipped with a shroud and a filter element over the air intake. This works much like your air filter on your car in which the shroud blocks out most of the large particles that could damage your compressor or filter. The filter element itself then catches all of the microscopic contaminants and feeds the compressor with clean air.

Air Compressor inlet filters live a tough life and need replacement regularly to assure that your compressor isn’t working harder than it should to breath. Think of it the same as if you were only ever driving your car in the desert or off-road where the filter is having to work overtime to give the engine clean air. If you have the space and the noise isn’t an issue you could consider moving your air compressor outside where it will be breathing clean air year round. This will give you floor space in the shop it will also make your air inlet filter work a little less. Another alternative is to build a cabinet or closet for the compressor to live in this will keep the majority of the dust and dirt out of the air that the compressor breathes. Either of these solutions could cut your double your filter life or MORE!

If your compressor has to live in the work shop environment we suggest replacing your air filter once a year for worry-free operation. Most air compressor inlet filters can be replaced with minimal tools and only takes a few minutes to replace. Cheap, easy insurance is a rare thing and this is one of the few instances!


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