Affordable Way to Get into Machining

Machine Parts at Home with the Eastwood Mini Lathe

If you’re handy with fabrication, home repairs, or automotive restoration and customization you’ll likely run into an instance where you could use a lathe or mill or machine parts for a custom fit. Taking parts to a machinist can expensive and there tends to be long lead times. If you need to make small one-off parts in a home shop you may want to learn to machine parts at home. Machining much like welding and fabrication can be an expensive trade to jump into and most machines are out of the hobbyist or small shop’s budget. We decided to put together a lathe that will fit your budget and your home shop!

The Eastwood 7” X 12” Mini Lathe is equipped with the same features, controls and run procedures found on large lathes. Much like pro models the mini lathe has an Auto-feed and changeable gear train components that allow you to do threading operations like larger units. The mini lathe has an inside and outside grip 3-Jaw Chuck that will fit a large variety of raw materials. The 3/4hp motor gives the unit plenty of power to cut hard metals with ease but also the precision to cut intricate parts. This is great for making spacers, adapters, custom hardware, and other parts for custom motorcycles, street rods, muscle cars, and even race cars. Industry standard HSS cutting bits and lathe accessories fit this machine and are also included.

If you’ve been considering getting into machining the time is no better than now with the mini lathe as it helps you save money and time by making custom metal, wood, plastic, or other parts from scratch in your own work space. To see all of our machining machines and accessories visit our site HERE.

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