Add Wheels to Your Work Bench

One of the secrets of making the most out of small home garages is to put as many things as possible on wheels. This is why we are always trying to make our tools portable or mobile that you can pack a lot in a small space. We have had a lot of great feedback about our teardown tables and how they can be easily moved out of the way when not in use.

It’s been no surprised that our heavy duty workbench has also been quite popular. It is deceiving how durable this table is when in fact it can hold up to 1600 pounds of weight and has a large 59.5″ X 27.5″ work area. This means you can work on and hold large parts like rear ends, transmissions, and much more. But for some the adjustable feet weren’t optimal for a small space as you may want to roll the table full of parts or tools out of the way at the end of the day or when daily chores come calling! We decided to offer a set of heavy duty casters than can replace the adjustable feet and allow you to roll the steel work bench across the shop and out of the way.

The conversion to make your Eastwood Heavy Duty workbench mobile is pretty simple. Thread out the adjustable feet and save them in the bench drawer. Then slip the heavy duty caster center stud through the same hold and tighten it down. Now you have a rolling work bench that can still hold over 1000 pounds of weight and roll around your shop easily. You can find a plethora of shop equipment and supplies to outfit our ship including work benches, welding tables and more HERE.

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