Add DIY Bed Liner To Your Truck For Durability

If you use your truck a lot, then there are a lot of ways your truck bed can take a beating. Coating it with a truck bed liner kit from Eastwood will give it the protection it needs for strenuous daily activity.

Whether you’re hauling equipment, tools, carrying heavy cargo or going driving in the rain, even normal use can quickly gouge up a truck bed or cause it to rust. A spray-on bed liner kit can be applied to new or old trucks and will give you years of great performance.

DIY Bed liner kits are extremely easy to apply and take very little experience spraying paint. You will spend more time taping off the truck and preparing than actually setting up your gun and spraying! Most quality bedliners are 2K systems that will actually cure and give an ultra tough surface that will resist damage to the bed when using your truck.

If you want to color match your bed liner you may be able to that if you can get color additives and mix in while preparing your bed liner. This process varies between brands of bed liner but is a common custom effect done in professional shops.

To see all of our bed liner options view our bed liner department on the Eastwood website HERE.

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