Not you’re everyday restoration. Retro Van Content Inside!

We are always happy to see what our customers are working on, and most times they are happy to share. The other day I was forwarded the story on this little gem in my email from our customer service department. Looks like Jim is doing a quality job on this 1970 Dodge A-100 van! Below is a little history directly from Jim about his pride and joy.

It is a 1970 Dodge A-100 van. Not your typical restoration, but I like different. I’ve owned the van since 1970 and use it for hauling stuff for my woodworking and restoration projects. I am a “gearhead” liking the mechanical part of the project. I’ve built a 408 smallblock to replace the original “tired 318”. It is a mild regular gas built for torque. It dynoed at 363 HP and 442 ft lbs torque with an average torque of 416 ft lbs between 2500 to 5500). I beefed up the original 727 auto with current diesel planetaries and hemi clutches. The body was in rough shape with lots of rust to kill and battle scars to patch up. All running gear was removed and rebuilt and undercoated and painted bottom and inside out.

All work is being done by myself including rust proofing internal areas of frame and panels, but body work and painting was done by a painter. I really like internal Eastwood internal frame coating, Rust Encapsalator, Ceramic frame coating-satin, and extreme chassis black. I am adding Air Conditioning and plan to install the Motor this spring. I will send pictures as work progresses.

Looks like with the help of Eastwood products, this is going to be a killer van! Keep up the great work Jim!

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