5 Ways to Makeover your Car

Our Top Ways to Modify You Ride and Make it Stand Out.

  1. Repaint your Car- Changing the color of your vehicle is probably the biggest way you can makeover your vehicle. Whether you change the color completely or simply tweak the finish a little by adding some metallic or a candy top coat; this will really make your vehicle stand out. Paint jobs can get expensive if you’re paying a shop to do all of the work start to finish, but you can save money by doing some or all of the work yourself. A lot of the labor in repainting a car is stripping the old paint off and getting the vehicle ready to do bodywork and paint. If you’re doing a budget paint job you may be able to just tape of the trim and seals on the exterior of the car, sand off the clear coat and apply your paint color of choice over top. If you want a full run down of how to paint a car visit our step by step DIY auto painting tutorial HERE.
  2. De-Chrome Your Ride- Changing the Chrome trim, bumpers, and other shiny parts is a good way to give your vehicle a new “personality” and make it look more “mean”. You can do the work on the car or remove the parts for more professional job. You’ll need to scuff or sand the chrome to add scratches in the surface so you can repaint. Our stainless steel paint will give more of a dull stainless look that is a bit more subdued or go with our satin ceramic chassis black for the ultra-sleek race car look. Any of our detail paints will work well on trim, bumpers, and other parts that you’re looking to dechrome your vehicle.
  3. Change Your Interior Color– One thing often gets forgotten on a car when customizing or modifying it is the interior of the car. The driver is most impacted by the look of their interior and it is probably one of the most gratifying things you can do to your car. Changing your tan interior to black for instance will give a more sleek appearance and make it feel like a new car. We suggest using an interior dye rather than a standard paint as interior dye paint will actually get into the pores of the plastic, leather, vinyl, or other materials and change the color of the surface. This makes for a lasting modification without having to pay to reupholster your vehicle. Check our our entire line of interior dyes, paints, and renewal products HERE.
  4. Headlight Restoration- If you have a vehicle with plastic headlight lenses it’s quite possible your lenses have yellowed over time and make the car look weathered and tired. It also is dangerous because your light output could be decreased greatly. A Headlight Restoration Kit allows you to remove the yellow coating on the lenses and bring clarity back to your headlight lenses. This is an easy job even for a beginner and can be done in an hour or less most times.
  5. Detail Your Car- This is one of the cheapest ways to change your vehicles appearance. Simply by giving your car a deep clean and polishing the paint and cleaning the interior will give you a vehicle that looks like a completely new car. This is something you can do in an afternoon and only requires a few key items. We suggest investing in a DIY PDR Kit to remove dents and panel damage at home first. Then you can move on to polishing the paint with an Orbital Paint Polisher / Buffer to bring life back to your paint. And finally using a good Chemical Guys Interior Cleaner to bring back the luster in your interior and remove odors inside. Doing all of this will help breathe life back into your car and make it seem like a different car when done. Go ahead; treat your car!

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