5 Ways to get rid of your old waste oil.

For anyone that likes to save a buck, or even prefers to change their own oil, you may run into the task of getting rid of that old oil. It piles up quickly with how much oil a modern day car takes, so having some options when disposing of it is best.

1. Local Autoparts Store- Many large automotive parts stores these days are accepting your jugs of used oil. Check with them on the maximum amount you can bring at one time if you are cleaning out a stockpile. Some shops even allow it only on certain days, so always best to check ahead of time.

2. Heating Oil- Some auto garages actually use waste oil for heating oil during the winter. This requires a special heater/conversion kit. But they often times welcome this free “heating oil”. Alternatively, you could even buy, or make your very own heater to burn waste oil and heat your garage in the winter!

3. Recycling Center- Many recycling centers now take waste oil, and even the filters. There have been some oil manufacturers like: Valvoline designing “recycled oil” for purchase at your local auto parts store. This means they are taking the used “base oil” and turning it back into a usable motor oil for you to purchase and use. This means less need for drilling for new oil sources!

4. Use for Fuel for a diesel engine- Diesel engines aren’t picky, especially older vehicles. You’ve probably heard about people using Waste Vegetable Oil mixtures in diesel vehicles to power them. This is the same idea, you will just need to be extremely rigorous with your filtration of the oil before it goes into your fuel tank, Also, expect to add an additional fuel filter to your vehicle, and plan to change it regularly.

5.Repurpose it as a lubricant- if you have any rusty/corroded/stuck hand tools, bolts, etc, or just want to prevent them from getting that way, you can pour or spray a little bit of waste oil on these things to keep them corrosion free.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you repurpose that old motor oil you have sitting in the corner of the garage! Feel free to share your uses with us!


  1. I mix it with gasoline and use it as chainsaw fuel. No, it doesn´t burn smoke-free. And no, it doesn´t hurt the engine. My good ol´ Stihl is running strong on old oil mix. Too bad my lawn mower has a 4-stroke engine 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips on how to repurpose that old motor oil. Will ask my husband to try it out. =)

  3. Thank you for providing such an informative piece! This shows that there are various ways wherein we can properly dispose of our waste cooking oil since most of us do not have an idea as to what to do with their accumulated grease.

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