5 Trail Items You Need on Your Truck

When you’re out on the trail your cell phone isn’t going to save you. There’s some key items you’ll need to get your rig going when broken down or stuck on the trail. We decided to put together a short list of our favorite Eastwood products that are trail must-haves. These aren’t the only items you need, but will definitely be key items for off-road vehicle survival!

1. Light, Lots of it!- Whatever it is that breaks or needs attention isn’t likely to be in an obvious spot that you can easily get to. Also you know it’s going to break at sundown or at night when the sun is going down! We like to keep a few different work lights in our trucks. From underhood, foldable LED work lights that harness the power of the sun to small magnetic spot lights you can shove up under the truck, we have a HUGE selection to keep you working through the night. See our entire line here.

2. A Full Set of Hand Tools- Power tools work great and the modern cordless technology has made it even easier to take power tools with you on the trail, but batteries die! It’s always smart to go back to basics and bring hand tools that will ALWAYS work. We suggest a comprehensive collection of metric and SAE tools. Many modern vehicles and aftermarket parts use metric fasteners regardless of where your vehicle was made, so don’t assume you old trusty SAE set will get you by. Our tool kits range from small bit drivers to full mechanics sets with most everything you’d need to work on your truck on the trail or in the driveway. Check out the Eastwood hand tool line here.

3. Spare Brake Tubing and Brake Flaring Tool- Climbing over rocks, brush, and other debris is just asking for brake lines to get damaged. We recently came up with a small, compact brake flaring tool that you can repair brake lines on the vehicle in minutes. This compact tool makes perfect flares every time and will make you toss that wingnut style flare tool in the trash! Check out our new simple flare tool here.

4. Floor Jack- You’re going to need a good jack to lift the truck up and repair it. You also need a jack that’s light enough to throw in and out of the truck. We highly suggest a low profile aluminum jack that can fit under your vehicle even if it’s stuck on rocks or on uneven ground!

Mini Butane Torch

5. A Mobile, Safe Torch- There’s going to be a point when you’ll need a torch or some extreme heat. Whether it’s repairing wiring and using solder or heat shrink or starting a camp fire a small, portable torch is far safer than carrying big oxy-acetylene bottles around on the trail! We suggest butane and make sure it’s refillable so you can easily top it off before each journey.


  1. Great article!

    We at Espana Collision Repair might have to share this on our facebook page! Going off-roading is a very popular among car enthusiast. Our shop receives a lot of cars from accidents, but not to many off-road vehicles. However, when we do we ask the obvious questions. Again, great read and we will be checking out more Eastwood products.

  2. I like that you have had a number of items that are perfect for your truck. I think it is important to have the right tools so that you can make the necessary repairs or quick fixes get you to the auto shop.

  3. I want to be going on a trail with my truck, but I don’t want to be under-equipped. I didn’t even think about making sure that I have lots of lights! That way I don’t have to worry about getting lost when the sun goes down.

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