Whats all this talk about the new Ferrari 458 Italia?

If you follow current automotive news, you may have heard a lot of talk about the new sports car to come out of the Ferrari camp. This thing oozes “sexy sports car”, and most any red-blooded car enthusiast would love to own, or even have a chance to drive one. I decided to save you guys and gals the research and reading on the different opinions on “why this car is so great”, or “why has a handful of them started on fire recently?”, or “what can this car really do if “beat on”?, and post a couple of videos that seem to be getting some buzz that cover all of those questions. I highly recommend the Top Gear review, both humorous, and really makes you feel like you are right there driving it with them as they test it! There is even a teaser video for the popular video game “Gran-Turismo”.. looks like they may be including it in a future game! Enjoy!

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Feel free to post a comment below on your thoughts on this new sports car!

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