3 Top Tips To Improve Your Welds

Welding isn’t a skill that comes naturally to many and it can take a lot of time to master any of the welding techniques. While you might not be able to be featured on WeldPorn you might be able to improve your skills greatly with just a few tips. Sometimes the smallest, most simple things can cause poor welds. Read below as we list our top 3 simple ways to get better welds.

  1. Vision is Everything- How do you know your weld is terrible? Because you can see the weld doesn’t look right and hasn’t penetrated as needed. This means you need to make sure you have a good line of sight when welding. This means that you need make sure that you can see what you’re welding before AND during the welding process. Make sure that you have a GOOD auto-dim welding helmet. The Eastwood true color welding lens technology changes the color of the lens when welding and gives you a much more clear view of what your welding. Also make sure that your lens covers on your helmet are clean and free of welding spatter. Over time your lenses on the helmet can get scratched and dirty from working. We suggest replacing your lens cover regularly and cleaning the cover before each welding job. The better you can see the better chance you’ll have of making a nice weld.
  2. Steady Hands- Being steady handed when welding is extremely important. The more precise you can be with your movements the better your welds will be. If you’re prone to shaking or incorrect movements when welding we suggest finding a good hand/arm rest before welding. Make sure your comfortable and that you’re supporting the weight of the welding torch and your hands to keep yourself steady.
  3. Practice Welding- This can go for beginners and pros alike. You need to frequently practice welding to keep yourself at the top of your game. We suggest keeping scrap metal around to run practice beads on before welding on a delicate project. You can also test your welder settings ahead of time by practicing on scrap metal. If possible you should practice your welds on material that closely matches your welding project to make it relatable to when you start welding.

If you follow these simple steps you can most definitely improve your welds and be on the road to stacking dimes! If you need to find a new welder or any welding supplies you might need you can visit our welding category HERE.

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