3 Easy Steps to Stop Rust

How to Rust Proof A Chevy Camaro Rear End

One of the parts that gets most dirty and rusty on a vehicle is the suspension parts under the vehicle. The rear end of a car is hanging out in the open and often tends to get quite nasty over time. What we’re gonna do is give it a new life with our Rust Encapsulator Plus.

Now Rust Encapsulator plus has twice the durability of our original formula and it’s super easy to apply.

The first step is to use a wire brush to knock down the rust as best we can. You can also use Chassis Kleen or a Contour SCT to quickly remove the rust and grime, but a wire brush will work well if you’re on a brush.

Next you need to clean the part off and prepare it to coat in Encapsulator. Start by blowing the part of with compressed air and wiping it down with PRE Paint Prep to make sure the surface is free of grease, grime, or dust from sanding.

Once the PRE has dried you can open your can of Rust Encapsulator Plus and stir it well. Next you can use a brush, roller, or spray gun to apply the coating. A cheap paint brush works well for budget-minded users and will help you get Encapsulator in all the hard to reach areas.

You can see with the Rust Encapsulator Plus dried it has soaked into the rust and metal and stopped any existing rust and sealed it from future corrosion that will last another lifetime.

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