3 Beginner Tips for Auto Restoration

Project Scope Creep

The thing about restoration projects is that they NEVER go as planned; even for the professionals. If you’re restoring an old car or truck it’s a good chance it’s had a number of different owners and it wasn’t always as well-cared for as you’d like. This means you may run into hidden damage, old lack luster repairs, or just an issue with fitment of reproduction parts. When planning out your first restoration project always factor in more time, money, and labor than you initially think. We have found that if you factor in worst case scenario and then add a little on top of that for time, money, labor you’ll be less likely to be surprised when you run into a snag. Unrealistic expectations can kill a restoration projects momentum quicker than anything if a minor setback cripples your progress.

Pick the Car You Really Want to Restore

Settling is never something any of us want to do. If your heart is set on a certain car, model, or year then it isn’t always a good idea to build something else as you won’t have the same drive to finish it as the “end goal” isn’t what you really want. If you want a classic Porsche 911 and that’s where your heart lies.. don’t settle on a VW Super Beetle. You won’t be happy and you’ll often times end up abandoning the project midway. We’re not in this hobby to make money; but selling a half-done restoration is a surefire way to lose your shirt on a project.

You Aren’t Going to Make Money

Auto restoration isn’t something you can make money when you crunch the numbers; even though the slick haired, fast talkers on TV make it look like it’s easy. A true restoration takes a lot of time, money, and labor and if you treat it like a business where every second costs $$; you’ll soon abandon the idea. Sure you can make money if you buy a project car right and fix it up to sell, but usually a full blown restoration costs more than it’s worth in the end. This goes back to the idea above.. make sure you REALLY like the car you’re putting your resources into. This hobby is all about emotional connections to your classic car and if you aren’t in love with it, you won’t end up in the right place when done.

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