2020 Homemade Log Splitter Finished with Eastwood Paints

Steve B. is a true Eastwood Guy. He looked at the cost and quality of log splitters on the market and decided he could do it better himself with the help of Eastwood products.

Steve started with a large piece of I beam , grate material and a trailer axle and wheels to create the basis for his heavy duty log splitter and after welding it all up he couldn’t just let his hard work flash rust after use and he decided to coat it with some heavy duty paint. He started with Eastwood Ceramic engine paints because this log splitter isn’t a show piece it’s going to get used and abused and the oil and abuse of logs getting dropped on it would kill cheap spray paint quickly. Steve chose a color scheme that matched his classic car interests as well. He chose to paint with Pontiac Metallic Blue Ceramic Engine paint and Black Ceramic Engine paint to give a great two tone finish that makes it almost too nice to use!

Thanks for sharing your project Steve and thanks for trusting Eastwood coatings!

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