Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Picks

With fall fast approaching and the leaves changing that means the the holiday season is soon upon us. Shopping for the motorhead in your life can sometimes be difficult so each year we put together a gift guide that can help you pick the best gifts for your loved ones that oil running through their veins!

1. Hydraulic Wheel Dollies– Working in a small shop means that space is at a premium. Moving a non-running project car can be a HUGE hassle and isn’t always a one person task. Get a pair or a set of four Eastwood Hydraulic Wheel Dollies and swing your project around the shop with ease. Pack in more “stuff” in your garage or make it easy to move your project out into the center of the shop so you can easily work on it.

2. Powder Coating- Powder Coating can be an affordable, fun hobby that you can start easily and for little monetary investment. Powder Coating is the toughest coating you can put on an item and is the choice of auto manufacturers as well as top car builders. The Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun allows you to grow into the hobby and can handle simple single coatings to multi-coat custom applications like the pros do! Grab a small electric oven and they’re off and running!

3. Heavy Duty Work Stand- Let’s face it, working on the ground or on your hands and knees can be a real bummer and it doesn’t feel great on the knees and back! Get that part up off the ground and put it on some metal work stands. We like to put large panels that we can’t fit on our work bench on our Rockwood heavy duty Work Stands. This puts the part at a comfortable work height and allows you to easily move the part around to where you need it. When you’re done you can fold the stands up and stash them against a wall to gain that precious garage space back! Tech Tip: Pair two of these stands together with a full sheet of thick plywood and two 2×4’s bracing the plywood to make a pop-up, portable work bench where you need it.

4. Perfect Panel Prep Tool– This tool has a cool ring to the name right? If you aren’t a metal fab enthusiast this might just look like a pair of basic locking pliers but this simple looking tool makes welding sheet metal correctly VERY simple. We’ve put the perfect angle on the tip of the jaws that puts a bevel in metal that allows you to drop your weld into. This means less grinding and a strong weld on sheet metal. If your shopping for someone restoring an old car they NEED this tool at some point in the project. This is one of those tools that pays for itself every time they will use it!

5. High Powered Shop Light- Light is something that you can’t get enough of when working in your shop. You can have the best lighting in the world in your garage but that isn’t going to help you under the dash or in the wheel wells when working on your ride. The Eastwood Pro Underhood Light is High Powdered and has a ton of adjustability to it so that you can get the light EXACTLY where you want it. Tech Tip- Use this light for an overhead light on your workbench where you weld or need high visibility.

For more great gift ideas visit our full Gift Guide NOW!

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