110v/220v Powerhouse MIG Welder!!!

If you’re looking for a first welder or to upgrade an existing model look no further than the Eastwood MIG 250.  We packed a punch into our MIG 250 making this a perfect fabrication machine.  Easily adjust from 30-250 welding amp range to join 20 gauge steel all the way up to 1/2 inch thick in a single pass.  All you need to do is switch the welding wire.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this machine.   We wanted something easy to use, portable, and powerful.   Knowing what we wanted allowed us to build this around an inverter to keep the machine light weight and capable of running off of a generator.  Weighing in at 66 pounds this machine is very portable compared to similar welding capacity machines.  Having the ability to be plugged into 110v or 220v means you’ll be able to take this welder just about anywhere and weld.  Heck, you can even be out in the field running off a generator while feeding flux core wire to eliminate the need for shielding gas for quick repairs.  If running off of a generator just make sure to have one that outputs at least 2400 running wattage for a 120v plug in and 12,000 watts if plugged into 220v.  This way the welder can be used at full power.

Everything you need to weld with shielding gas is included except the bottle of gas.  We even throw in a two pound spool of solid .030 wire to get you started MIG welding.  You’ll also get two drive rollers to be able to feed wire sizes ranging from .023 all the way up to .045.  Simply swap out the contact tip to match the wire size.   Right out of the box you can weld steel and stainless steel but also have the option to pick up our Spool gun for aluminum welding up to 1/4 inch.

Eastwood MIG 250 Amp Welder Drive Motor

Take a look at that drive motor system, all metal.  We knew our customers would demand durability and longevity so we made sure a tough unit was built.  For even more information and videos on this welder hop on over to Eastwood.com.   



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