110v/220v Plasma cutter

Having a plasma cutter will forever change how you think about cutting metal.  Sure you could grab your trusty angle grinder with a cutter off wheel and throw a shower of sparks all over the shop, or how about wheeling out that old set of torches only to fiddle with the mixtures in an attempt to get the correct ratio.  Instead simply plug in our Eastwood Versa Cut 40 into either 110v to cut up to 1/8 inch metal or 220v for up to 3/8 inch cutting.   Don’t worry about having a large compressor as this unit will only consume 5-7 CFM.

A plasma cutter uses electricity to create the arc which cuts the metal and compressed air to blow the material away.   Having a dual voltage machine grants you the versatility to use at multiple locations.  Heck, I don’t even have 220v at my current garage but can run this unit for all my smaller projects, but when the time comes I’ll easily be able to slice through 3/8th steel.  There are no complicated switches to remember to flip before you plug this machine into either voltage.   The machine will know and make the necessary adjustments for the cutting power.   We have a pre wired 220v plug with an included adapter which allows you to step down to a 110v unit.   Speaking of versatility, you’ll love how this unit can easily be powered off of a generator.   If plugged into a 110v plug just make sure the generator puts out at least 2400 watts of continuous power and 7200 watts if you’re using 220v.

Now to the good stuff.  Working around the project never got easier as this machine comes with a 10 foot ground cable and a 20 foot torch.  Pretty much the unit can sit in one spot as you walk all the way around a car to reach any spot in need of cutting.   Cutting speed is also much faster than any of the traditional methods you may have used in the past to cut through metal.  Maintenance is a breeze with our Consumable kits which will give you everything you need to replace the wearable parts at the end of the torch.

Check out even more detailed information and videos as Eastwood.com.


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