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Rust Converter

What happens if you sand to bare steel and just use as insurance? – Rust Converter needs the rust to properly work and cure (think of it as the catalyst for the product). Rust Converter is intended for heavier rust. If applied over bare metal, it will not cure properly and can actually cause light flash rust. If you have an area that you sanded off rust completely, Rust Encapsulator is the product to use in a situation where you have bare metal.

Rust Converter Applied

My rocker panels are rusted, badly, can I spray the Rust Converter on what is left of them and have it “convert” them to stable metal? – If the rockers are that rusted, cutting out the rust and replacing the metal is the best approach. Rust Converter could be applied to the rusted areas to protect them from rusting further (remember that Rust Converter must be top coated).

Can I use Rust Converter over galvanized metal?  – If it is heavily rusted galvanized metal, yes. It can not be applied on clean metal or barely rusted metal. The converter needs rust to react with in order to work properly.

What temperature does this remain stable at? Is it okay at high heats? – Rust converter should only be used on heavy, flaking rust. If you have a surface that will be exposed to high heat, it’s best to grind the metal to bare in order to remove all of the rust, and then use our Rust Encapsulator, which is good up to 400 degrees

Can I use this Rust Converter on rust bubbling through the paint on my door and rockers? if so, how? Will the surface be good enough to use touch up paint over it? – Rust Converter should only be used on heavy, flaking rust. On your hood and door spots, you should start by mechanically removing as much rust as possible first using a stripping disc, DA sander, sanding by hand, blasting, or at least using a wire brush. After removing as much rust as possible, use the Rust Encapsulator over any remaining rust or discoloration and the surrounding bare metal. You can then top coat the Encapsulator with any paint.

Could this be used on a welding bench top made of metal that has rust? Would there be any drawbacks to welding on it? – Using the Rust Converter is not recommended on a welding table that has rust on it. The best thing to do is remove the rust mechanically or chemically, or both. A welding table needs to be bare, clean steel and we do not suggest applying any coatings to the table.

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