Eastwood Bead Roller Drive System

Eastwood Power Bead Roller Drive System

Bead rollers are an integral part of any metal fab or restoration job and generally are hand crank.   Finding help to spin the crank while you focus on the bead isn’t always the easiest thing.  We bring to you the Eastwood Bead Roller Drive system.  Our Drive motor is universal and fits any bead roller with a 25mm shaft where the crank handle attaches.  This means all of the Eastwood and crank units can easily have this motor attached.  We have our 8 inch, 19 inch, and 27 inch Elite bead rollers.

Eastwood Power Bead Roller Drive System


This image quickly shows how our drive system looks on each of the our three bead rollers.  It will fit other brands as well as long as they have a 25mm shaft where the crank handle normally attaches.  This 1/6 HP electric motor makes easy work of even your most complex bead rolling plans.  All you’ll need to do is dial in the desired speed, fit your metal into the machine, and start rolling by yourself. The built in foot pedal control can either be stepped on to activate the machine, or we have found it very handy to hold in your hand to control the machine.   For this or any tool to help make your next metal fab or restoration project visit Eastwood.com. 


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