How to Touch Up Powder Coat

Powder Coat Repair Tips

It’s no secret powder coating is one of the most durable coatings out there and it can hold to an incredible amount of abuse for a topical coating. But accidents happen and powder coat can be chipped from the surface and it isn’t the same to touch up as standard liquid paint. We decided to give you a quick repair process for chipped or damaged powder coat.

  1. Inspect Damaged Area- This is an important first step. Make sure that the area where the powder is chipped doesn’t have splintered powder around it. Splintered powder may be loose, but hasn’t flaked off yet and may fail in the future even if you repair. If you see splintered powder it is best to flake or break off those spots to make the surface uniform.
  2. Clean the Surface- Before repairing the powder we suggest cleaning the entire area with a PRE to assure all grease and oils are off of the surface. You may want to sand the area you’re recoating for extra piece of mind.
  3. Touching up Powder Chips- You can either spot-repair the chips in powder or you can recoat the entire part. The nice thing about powder is that you can recoat with another layer of powder without removing the old powder. If you want to do a spot repair you can do it a couple ways. One way is to tape off around the chip and “dust” or sprinkle a little powder onto just the chipped area by hand. You can also use a cue tip or similar method to carefully dab the powder on the small area you want to repair. The last method is to respray the entire area, but you may still have a low area where the chip is if you don’t spot-repair it first.
  4. Bake the Powder- Once you have deposited powder on the area you want to repair you can cure the powder as normal. It should blend fairly well by just doing a spot repair. If you want an invisible repair you can do a final all-over coat on the entire part to get everything covered at once.

So there you have it, a few simple ways to repair chipped powder coat. To find all of our powder coating kits and supplies visit our site HERE.

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