1. We would suggest sanding all of the clear coat off and then lay primer. Ideally you should remove ALL paint and clear and abrade the original primer or e-coat, then build your primer from there.

  2. Do you have manuals or videos (preferred) on using the Eastwood tube bender. The few pages of instructions is not clear enough for a novice (me), so I need a more clear way to know how to mark the tube before bending to make sure the bend locates correctly within the overall roll bar I am fabbing. It has 3 angles per side.

  3. I really enjoyed the Kevin Tetz videos on body filler. Are the same stages valid for working on GRP? Thanks

  4. I had a gate opener attached to my windshield and it fell off when the glue melted from the sunlight. glue got on the dashboard and was difficult to get off. I had to use goop off and i made it worse.Now there is a residue stain left and nothing seems to get it off. help

  5. You may want to try a stronger chemical like our PRE to clean the residue off. Acetone or Lacquer thinner are others that may work as well. Just make sure you wear gloves and cover anything the chemical may drip on.

  6. Just got my new Eastwood 175 mig (through Jeg’s). They had the best price I could find. When I started hooking it up the tensioner for the wire it fell apart.Only way to make it work is to use about the first two threads and then you’re out of adjustment. Next was no gas hose. Called tech. services and WHAT A JOKE! No help whatsoever. Wanted to charge me $9.95 for something I should have already had.Called Jeg’s and they could not have been nicer. Said they would contact Eastwood and get it right out to me. Bottom line, spend a little more and get a good welder with all the parts.

  7. Hi Mike,

    Because you bought the welder through a distributor of ours the parts inquiry HAS to come from them directly. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  8. I am torn between power coating my frame and suspension components. I would like the look of the powder coating but I have contacted a few different places here in Tampa FL. And it sounds like the cost of powder coating is about 1/2 the cost of chrome. I am looking at the frame being satin blk., the cage being red, and all suspension components being chrome silver. Paint or powder coating is the question.

  9. My eastwood auto darkening helmet stopped working, replaced the batteries and still nothing.


  10. Hi,
    I found your company through the You Tube videos. Congrats on making some great videos!
    I need to repaint a motorcycle tank. I am going with a simple gloss black. The last person who painted it apparently didn’t use enough hardener. The paint is thick and gummy.There is some Bondo and possibly old paint on the tank.

    How should I strip it? Chemical: Item #15277Z? Or sanding?

    Do I need to use an acid etch primer like Item #14260 High Build Primer ?

    Can I apply my base coat directly over this for example Blvd. Black Quart 2K Urethane Item #51004ZP/ Or do I need to apply a primer over the acid etch primer?

    I plan to use your Boulevard Black gloss as a finish coat.

    Your advice is appreciated.


  11. If there is multiple coats and they’re gummy sanding it will just clog up your sandpaper. We’d suggest to use our paint stripper and get 99% of it off with that. Then you can sand/scrape and residual paint off by hand. I would apply an epoxy primer on the bare metal once prepped, then you can apply a urethane primer or go right to color. The epoxy primer will seal it all up well.

    Paint stripper:
    Epoxy Primer:

  12. I would like to know if your paint choices are limited or if I could get a specific color such as a
    Chrysler 2012 – 2016 Code P06 , green angels road assist
    Audi 2010 Code LY2G , glutorange

    Thanks Ed

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