1. Looking to buy a HVLP paint gun. My compressor is a 150 PSI, 6hp, 30 gallon tank, that says, 8.6 scfm @ 40psi and 6.4 scfm @ 90psi. As of now I want to paint the engine and some parts. Maybe, a car later down the road. Is this compressor big enough to handle a HVLP gun?. Or should I look for a LVLP gun?.

  2. Hi, The show will be happening Saturday July 11. We should have official announcements coming soon about the show. Thanks for the interest!

  3. Hi Yes your compressor can be used on certain guns. I’d take a look at our Concourse line of paint guns that are made to be used on lower CFM’s found in many home-sized compressors. Thanks for the interest!

  4. Hello,

    I am looking for some advice on a 3M product called fast n firm. I purchased a new Ford Escape and come to find out it had a manufacturers defect in one of the body seams. Ford elected to use 3M fast n firm to repair the leak. I am not familiar with the product so I did a little bit of research. From what I can find, this is not the best product to use for several reasons. First, it cracks easy and second there tends to be strong odors that can be harmful if applied in a passenger area. The area of concern on my vehicle was where the roof rack attaches to the vehicle at the top of the driver’s side A-Pillar. This location obviously shares a common space with the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Any information regarding this product would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


  5. Hi Shane,

    While we carry some 3M products we’re not familiar with that particular one. You may want to contact 3M directly.

  6. Sanding question,

    Hi I am a first time DIYer painter. I stripped my vehicle down to bare metal applied two coats of epoxy and three coats of high build primer. I planned on sanding the car and adding another two coats of high build primer and sanding again. I wanted to know what grit of sand paper should I use for the first and second sanding? I have also heard that wet sanding the high build primer is a “no-no.” Is this true? Thank you in advance. Note: I am using the Eastwood 2K Urethane Primer Surfacer Kit.

  7. I would like to know if you have a product to repair rear fenders on a 1998 dodge 3500 dully?

  8. I aquired a powdercoat elite kit a couple of years ago and am very satisfied with the finish and durability, but it has been a hassle to get almost any part to attract the powder. I have followed all the suggestions described in the manual to no avail. A couple of months after purchasing it, I discovered the ground wire was soldered to the alligator clip with only 5 strands and repaired it but still have had problems with adhesion, so I assumed thats the way it worked, but last week I had been coating several peices, and the gun intermittently was completely losing charge until it totally stopped altogether. This weekend, I decided to look for the problem. I took the cover off the box and discovered that the incoming ground fault (green) wire and the black wite that leads to the emitter wire, were crossed over each other and burned through the insulation where they crossed. I am assuming that has been my problem. Please help with a solution.

  9. Hi JW,

    Please send an email to our tech team with pictures of the gun you have. Depending on the model gun and when it was purchased we may be able to help. They can be reached at:

  10. I placed an order 7-11-15 order #E1958017 I have been charged for the product but have not recived it or heard a thing about it .

  11. I painted my 61 Chevy Appache with Dead Rat Flat Black. I feel like the paint needs a clear coat to help protect it, keep it from scuffing. What do you recommend?

    571 425 8838

  12. Hi Gene,

    We offer a flat clear in the Rat Rod paint line. That will give a little more protection but still keep the gloss to a minimum.

  13. I have a 2008 dodge Durango quaterpanel rusting from inside out what products would you suggest to repair before undercoating thank’s frank

  14. If the panel is doubled-up metal the only true way to repair it is to separate the panels and get the rust removed/treated. Since you have a modern vehicle I’m going to assume you want a topical solution that doesn’t require major surgery on the truck. I’d suggest using our Internal Frame Coating to coat any hidden, boxed areas of the quarter panels. You can use our rust encapsulator on the visible portions of the quarter that you want to stop the rust. From there you can undercoat to seal the areas up fully. Do realize that you’re only treating the areas that you can actually get the product to, if the encapsulator or IFC can’t touch the area it can’t stop/fix the rust and it will slowly creep larger over time.



  15. Restoring a 1982 C20. Has some dings and dents. Nothing really major. Right now it has the original paint. I want it to shine like it just drove off the showroom floor. In Eastwood’s professional opinion should I grind off all paint and epoxy the filler where it needs it. Weekend warrior project. Grind, epoxy, filler, then paint. Or. Grind filler paint. Looking to have a good lasting job.

  16. If you plan to repaint the entire vehicle the 100% best way to do it is strip the vehicle down to bare metal and epoxy primer, lay any filler/hammer and dolly dents out, then apply urethane primer/surfacer, then color and clear. You can get away with scuffing the original paint and fixing any dents, then apply a urethane primer, then color and clear. Obviously you’d block sand in between those steps.

  17. On not so clean floor pan–grinded and cleaned as much as possible–going to seal with epoxy primer –should I seam seal before or after primer–remember NOT so clean

  18. Seam sealer won’t stop rust, neither will epoxy primer. I’d apply a coat or two of rust encapsulator followed by your seam sealer, then epoxy primer.

  19. Can I to connect the sand blaster pot of 200 pounds to an airman diesel compressor of 85 psi and 125scfm or an single electric power? I need to connect to diesel compressor, I can?

  20. Do you have a cleaner to remove carbon on old manifold prior to applying Internal Exhaust Protection? Your #13795Z

  21. You could use our Fast Etch and plug the ends and dump it in and slosh around to clean and etch the metal before applying the product.

  22. My father has a mig 135 from eastwood. Past warranty and went out will spark wen making contact but will not weld. Anyone else had this problem or know of a fix

  23. I have a 65 mustang getting ready to repaint her can i sand the clear coat and then primer over it?
    or do i have to remove all of the clear?

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