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Can Air Compressor Tanks Be Connected Together?

One question we get from customers is if they can hook their air tanks together in tandem to get more air output from their shop. Often times this is when a person has a small air compressor in their garage and want to get  a larger reservoir of air before their compressor runs. In theory the idea could work where you could get twice as much air to use before you have to wait on your compressor  to refill, but it isn’t always the magic answer. We decided to cover the details below.

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How Many Gallon Air Compressor Do I need to Paint a Car?

Painting a car at home can be an affordable way to tackle a big job yourself. There are a number of factors that could make or break your paint job. Getting or making sure you have the correct size compressor is one of the first things you should do after you decide on the color. We often get calls asking about how many gallons the compressor tank should be to paint a car. This is often a misconception when looking into the painting process.