The Easiest Way to Hem a Door Skin

Hemming or folding a door skin edge is a very satisfying part of a repair job but it also can be where a lot of damage can occur to a panel if you aren’t careful. The traditional way of skinning a door or hemming an edge is to use a hammer and dolly and striker the outside edge of the door skin while holding the front side with a dolly to fold the skin over the inner structure. This can lead to dents or waves in the panel if you aren’t careful. We’ve found a way to take the human error out of this process by using the Single Pass Pneumatic Door Skinning Tool.

Door skin installation has traditionally been a tedious task, done with a hammer and dolly. This tool provides a better way! Rolls over the door skin edge without ripples or other distortion. Single hand operation leaves the other hand free to hold the work piece. Smooth plastic insert prevents marring external surface. Adjustable for thickness to allow for proper spacing for panel adhesives. Produces a factory looking crimp.

The skinning tool will work with compressed air and most any air compressor. No special skills or training needed. We suggest doing one or two practice passes on some scrap sheet metal to get the process perfected and you’ll be off and running making factory-looking hemmed edges on body panels.

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