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Six Ways to Add Structure and Stiffness to Sheet Metal

Whether you’re repairing a vehicle or fabricating something from scratch, you’re likely to work with sheet metal eventually. From fenders and doors to battery trays and truck beds, it makes up most of a vehicle’s non-mechanical components. The problem is thin, flat metal doesn’t offer much in the way of […]


Are You Using Glazing Putty Correctly?

In the pursuit of paint perfection, every surface flaw must be tackled before the first fog of basecoat ever leaves the spray gun. Among the tools in your arsenal, glazing putty takes center stage for its ability to provide precision and detail. While other fillers excel at bulk filling and […]

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Ultimate Detailers’ Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Shopping for a paint perfectionist? A devotee of detailing? Check out this gift guide packed with the latest products to help achieve maximum results on whatever they drive. UNDER $25 Large, Super-soft Premium Drying Towel This huge, extra-soft drying towel measures a full 24” x 36” to soak up large […]


How to Treat Bare Metal After Media Blasting

Media blasting is one of the most effective ways to remove old paint and rust from automotive surfaces. In almost no time it can strip away unwanted finishes, dirt, and corrosion, revealing the bare metal underneath. This is a crucial step in automotive restoration as it provides a clean surface […]