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Five New Year Resolutions for Car Enthusiasts

Out with the old and in with the new. So long 2023. It’s 2024 now, and you know what that means. Yep, it’s time to make some meaningless New Year’s resolutions. But what if, instead of promising to start working work out, eat more healthy, or spend more time with family, you make a resolution you actually want to see through? Go on, it’s your resolution. Be a little selfish. Do something for yourself.

Here are five resolution we bet anyone reading this article can tackle. Happy New Year!

1. Learn a new skill

Maybe you’ve always wanted learn TIG welding or tackle your first paint job. Let this be the year you make it happen. Set a goal, sign up for a class, or start watching some tutorial videos. A little conversation, a little more action.

2. Get organized

You know you need to do it, so get started organizing your work space. Pick a drawer in your toolbox and start by kicking out the stuff that doesn’t belong there. Go through all those old parts sitting around the garage, and divide them into “keep,” “donate/sell,” or “dispose” piles. Immediately throw out the “dispose” items, box up the keepers, and get the rest ready to move on to their next home.

3. Complete a project

Pick an unfinished project (it’s okay, we all have them) and set a deadline for its completion. Focus as much of your attention that project as you can until it’s done. Glow in the satisfaction of completion, then move on to the next unfinished project and repeat.

4. Give back

We all spend a lot of our time and money on garage projects. Chances are we can all afford to spare a little of either. Whether it’s donating your time to a car club or museum or participating in driving events that raise funds or other resources for charity, think about sharing with those who have less this year.

5. Mentor a younger enthusiast

It’s easy to brush off the next generation as a waste of time, but you might be surprised. Get out of your comfort zone this year and connect with a younger enthusiast. Sure, their interests won’t be exactly the same as yours, but their enthusiasm may be infectious. They’ll probably be impressed with your vast knowledge and experience if you’re willing to share. And who knows, you might actually learn something too.

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