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The DIY Auto Restorer’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Someone in your life restoring an old car or truck at home? If they’re like us and always tinkering in the garage with some old project, chances are they’re going to need some help. We’ve combed our catalog and pulled together a list of tools and equipment especially for the DIY restorer in your life. And if that just happens to be you, go ahead and leave this list in front of someone who’s shopping for you this year.

UNDER $100

Skip-Proof Spot Weld Cutter Kit
Replacing body panels is a fact of life for many restoration projects. And anyone who’s had to drill out spot welds in sheet metal will tell you it’s a chore. This kit contains three 3/8″ cutters, two “skip-proof” pilot bits, and a storage case to keep you drilling all the way through to the end. Click HERE for current pricing.

Alternate – Skip-Proof Spot Weld Cutter

L6700 Large View Welding Helmet
If there’s welding to be done, a helmet is a must. This auto-dimming welding helmet has a large field of view for accurate welds and features lightweight construction for comfort. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

UNDER $250

Contour SCT Surface Conditioning and Stripping Tool
When it comes to stripping paint or rust, there’s no better way than with Eastwood’s patented Contour SCT surface conditioning tool. Professionals and hobbyists alike sing the praises of this machine. Its rotating drum design won’t heat up the surface or become loaded with debris like many other stripping tools do. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – Dustless Sanding Block Essentials Kit

Concours Pro Paint and Detail Gun with Accessories
This HVLP spray-gun set includes both a full-size and a detail gun for a professional quality paint job. A regulator and cleaning kit are also included, and everything is packed in a metal storage case, making gift wrap a cinch. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – Concours 2 – Single HVLP Spray Paint Gun Kit

Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool
The key to making new brake or fuel lines from scratch is getting a good flare on the end. This tool is a virtually fool-proof way of making perfect flares every time. Once you use it, you’ll never flare the old way again. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – On Car Brake Line Flaring Tool

UNDER $500

B40 Modular Blast Cabinet
If you’re working on any kind of old vehicle, a good blast cabinet will soon become your best friend. This modular cabinet, which is large enough to hold most chassis or engine components, can be used as a benchtop unit or mounted on optional floor legs as a freestanding cabinet. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – B20 Benchtop Blast Cabinet

12” Box and Pan Brake
Create complex, multi-contour shapes for patch panels, support brackets, and much more with this one convenient bench-mounted tool. Designed to produce accurate, variable-length bends in angles up to 135°, this sheet metal brake is a versatile shop addition. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake

MIG 180 Welder
Whether you’re patching in new sheet metal or repairing a chassis, this welder can handle what you throw at it. Designed to run on either 120V or 240V power, the MIG 180 is the perfect all-around welder for the DIY restorer. It can even be upgraded to weld aluminum with an optional spool gun attachment. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – MIG 140 Welder

OVER $500

QST 30/60 Scroll Air Compressor
If you’re running a blast cabinet, working with air tools, and eventually painting your project, you’re going to need a lot of air. This scroll-style air compressor pumps plenty of volume to operate whatever you’re running, but remains whisper quiet so you don’t lose your hearing along the way. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – 29-Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor

Benchtop English Wheel
An indispensable tool for forming custom sheet metal panels is an English wheel. This bench top version is small enough for most restoration work. Better still, it’s compact enough to be stored out of the away when you’re not using it. Click HERE for current promotional pricing.

Alternate – Mini English Wheel

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